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You know what crowdfunding is - a business pitches online and attracts many smaller investments, instead of one large one. It’s called Investor Aggregation and usually, that’s it: you invest and you receive shares in the company. We have a different approach. Yes, it’s still investing in the potential of a company, but it’s much, much more:

  • 1. Aggregation of investments into single Special Purpose Vehicle, to create a single shareholder
  • 2. Aggregation of investors into a group to help communication with the investee companies
  • 3. Leverage the experience, knowledge and contacts of investors, delivering value beyond cash
  • 4. Experienced investors on the site can be rated and followed through a ‘star rating’ system
  • 5. Registration portability to allow you to invest across our 12+ planned platforms in Asia
  • 6. Co-ordination with external investors to facilitate exits for investors on our platforms

Before you even see an investment opportunity, both the offering company and The CrowdHub Group have done a lot of work to make sure you get the information you need, in a standardised format.

That information includes the results of a significant due diligence process, that does not over-burden the company, but makes sure you have useful information.

In short, CrowdHub is a safe place to make a risky investment.

Due Diligence & Compliance

Maybe not the sexiest of subjects, but without due diligence and governance, there cannot be trust between strangers, and without trust, nothing will happen.

So, we have a standardised due diligence process for offeror companies, so that investors can easily take in – and rely on - the information. We have an education process for investors, so we are fully legal and compliant with regulations, and they have a good understanding of both how to use the site, and the risks and rewards.

Evaluation Process

The Wisdom of Crowds has been a catchphrase for a while, but how often is it put into practice? Well, this is your opportunity. You will have to go through a significant screening process, but it will be well worth it for the chance to connect to a crowd of potential investors and business supporters.

We will provide you with the tools and platform to reach out to many more investors than you could find by yourself, and the means to connect with them, both during fundraising and once they are your supporters.

Remember, you don’t have to do this alone.

There are three main systems
on our platforms:

Offeror Due Diligence is a simple to use online submission process that gathers the relevant information and organises it in a standardized format.

Investor Accreditation ensures that we know who investors are, and that they qualify to participate on the platform. Raise Management provides the mechanisms for both offerors and investors to manage their profiles and activity, sychronised with each other.

Communications Channels allow offerors to respond to investor enquiries and comments, and for investors to discuss investment opportunities, turning into a shareholder channel once the process of investing is completed.

These systems are supported by gamified Platform Training and Onboarding Modules, for both Offeror Companies and Investors.

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